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Jewelry inspection
GTC will test more than 100 kinds of the jade jewelry based on the relevant standard.

  1. Diamond grading
Grading of non - mosaic and mosaic diamonds according to relevant standards. Personalized letters, Arabia numerals, Chinese characters and simple bitmaps can be engraved on the diamond waist.

  2. Precious Metals Inspection

    2.1 Testing purity and content (including nondestructive testing and chemical testing method) according to the relevant standards for all kinds of metals (such as gold, silver,  platinum and palladium ) and accessories (jewelry and ornaments) ;
    2.2 Testing the thickness of precious metal coating according to relative standards.
  3.Testing nickel releasing and determination of harmful elements in jewelry
    3.1  Nickel releasing testing for jewelry according to the relevant standards ;
    3.2 testing the harmful elements in precious metal ornaments and non precious metal ornaments according to relevant standards.

  4 .other inspection services (jade, agate and pearl)
    4.1 Ornamental stone identification
    4.2 corrosion resistance and firmness of the non precious metal and jewelry cover 
    4.3 Testing of non precious metal and ornaments