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As of 1 February 2018, FTA will terminate the contracts of the auditing companies, BSI, CTI and HKQAA.

Following an internal review to improve the efficiency of BSCI monitoring activities, FTA is making further adjustments to the BSCI auditing pool. In this context, the decision has been made to terminate cooperation with the following auditing companies:

•             British Standards Institution (BSI)

•             Centre Testing International Corporation (CTI)

•             Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA)

In a letter dated 17th July 2017 the above-mentioned auditing companies were informed that their framework contract would be terminated, after the contractually agreed upon 6-months’ notice of termination has expired. The termination of the contracts will thus take effect as of 1 February 2018.

The above-mentioned decision to terminate these companies was an exclusively internal, strategic decision, taken in the context of the reorganisation of BSCI’s monitoring system, in line with the terms and conditions set forth in the framework contract. The decision was not made in the context of a breach of contract, or in relation to any issues of quality or integrity with any of the affected companies.

FTA would like to formally thank BSI, CTI and HKQAA for their work and services provided to BSCI in recent years.

For further info please consult the FAQs, or If you have any specific questions please contact info@fta-intl.org     

Please note: This communication was and is strictly made, pursuant to FTA’s obligation to inform all BSCI participants on all changes affecting the audit pool, to the limited circle of those who have access to BSCI platform and the restricted area of the FTA website. Any activity undertaken outside this circle and/or inside this circle using this communication directly to generate new work and solicit for business unfairly, and/or under false pretences, will be regarded by FTA as highly unethical and inadmissible in the context of BSCI, in which ethical and trustworthy conduct is regarded as key element. Such conduct will result in the firmest of steps being taken by FTA, who will immediately address the situation.